Calmness in the Chaos (3HO Article – by Doug Wilson)

In a time when we have more comforts, conveniences and opportunities available to us than at any other point in our recorded human history,...

25 Oct, 2018

How I Conquered My Aversion to Chanting (3HO Article – by Doug Wilson)

My fascination with sound began through the study of music theory from a young age. In primary school I played brass instruments, violin, and...

20 Jul, 2018

Reclaim the Power of Prana (3HO Article – by Doug Wilson)

It’s easy to be blindsided by the physical nature of life. Our physicality allows us to see, touch, examine and somewhat rationalize existence. Through...

17 Jul, 2018

Peace: Chemical or Concept (3HO Article – by Doug Wilson)

For the longest time I believed the only way to experience my imagined idea of peace would be for everyone and everything around me...

17 Jun, 2018