“Kundalini Running seeks to empower people from all walks of life through
the discipline of yoga and meditation.”

Kundalini Running

Kundalini Running founder Doug Wilson overcame a life threatening brain tumour in 2013 and used Yoga & Meditation to support his rehabilitation. In just over 12 months after suffering extensive cranial nerve damage, meningitis and leaving hospital in a wheelchair he became the first person to run 7 competitive marathons on the 7 continents in under 7 days.

Doug now teaches these valuable techniques for maintaining health, wellbeing and coping with stress in the modern world. His scientific knowledge toward yoga is backed up by practical, real world experiences that make his classes and workshops informative while opening the body, mind and spirit.


Personal Records

5k - 16:33

10k - 33:49

Half-Marathon - 1:15:08

Marathon - 2:40:59

Race Highlights

First to run 7 competitive marathons, on 7 continents in under 7 days - Jan 2015

2nd - North Pole Marathon - April 2016

1st - Volcano Marathon, Chile - November 2016

Series Winner - Garmin TrailsPlus+ Mountain Trail 50km (3 Races), Australia - 2016

1st - Shepparton Marathon, Australia - September 2018 (Marathon PB 2:40:59)

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