In this gripping and fast-paced memoir, Doug Wilson shares the story of his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness and physical disability – and the extraordinary journey of healing that helped him to turn his life around.

Kundalini Running recounts the author’s experiences of childhood anxiety, the cocaine-fuelled world of corporate life in London and the blurred inertia of the modern world’s quick-fix, internet-connected society. Wilson honestly and openly shares how he masked his internal struggles by abusing drugs and alcohol, but he couldn’t mask them forever.

Life changing

As well as being a powerful autobiography of redemption and overcoming immense adversity, Kundalini Running addresses some of the most pressing social and health issues that we currently face as a global society. In doing so, it offers a unique perspective on what it takes to find ease with existence in the modern world and to heal on a level that goes beyond our physical nature. Kundalini Running ultimately leaves the reader with a message of hope: that change is possible, regardless of the challenges that one may face in life.